Stay away from negative people for a peaceful life

Mukundarajan V N
2 min readSep 12, 2019


Stay away from negative people who spread gloom

We meet different people in the daily course of our lives. Some are known to us as relatives, friends, and colleagues, and some others are strangers who we meet during bus rides, flights, and in shops, in the streets, etc.

People are of different dispositions. Some are always smiling, spreading happiness around them; others are sullen and grumpy who send out negative vibes.

I have always found it miserable to be in the company of incorrigibly pessimistic people. They always sport a snarl on their faces. They are unfriendly and even hostile to strangers who try to pick up a conversation with them.

Is melancholy hardwired in us?

I am not aware of the scientific research about human proclivities towards negativity. But in my experience, I have found some people to be stubbornly and unapologetically pessimistic in their outlook and temperament. My own conclusion is that negativity is genetically coded.

How negative people affect us

A grouchy person has a chilling impact on our moods. Even a brief encounter with a melancholic person is enough to demoralize us. Like joy, sullenness is also infective. The malcontents always rail against other people and complain about the unfairness of life. If we continue to engage with such negative people some of their bitterness and inexplicable anger will stick on us.


Negative people are perpetual grumblers. They see themselves as victims of society’s injustice. They complain that others are plotting against them. They envy successful people and attribute success to mere luck or manipulation.

Grumbling as a habit will make people look at the seamy side of life. They will forget to look at the silver lining in the cloud. Perpetual naysaying will kill objectivity and sense of fairness that is innate in humans. They have a problem for every solution.

If we interact with discontented people more and more, we will turn into grumblers ourselves. We may even lose faith in humanity by exposing ourselves to constant negativity.

Keep a distance from negative people you cannot avoid

Sometimes we are forced to live in the midst of negative people like friends, neighbours and family members whom you cannot simply avoid.

If you are compelled to interact with a friend or colleague, keep the transactions to the minimum.

But if it is a spouse or other close family member who behaves like a perennial malcontent, I am sorry I have no suggestions. It is up to you to devise your own strategies to cope with the stress of living in close proximity with negative people.

An arm’s length is a safety margin

Wherever possible, just stay away from negative people because they will destroy our peace of mind. Keep them at an arm’s length.

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Mukundarajan V N

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