The world’s acceptance of English as a global link language should be cause for celebration

“Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language.” ( H. Jackson Brown, Jr, American author)

I am a non-native English writer living in India. I wrote this story more out of anguish than because I felt any deep resentment towards anybody. This is…

Read the ‘CV of Failures’ written by successful people and dig deeper into their stories

Success is visible, and people flaunt their successes with gusto. Nobody wants to talk about their failures. It’s not because they lack humility; people are not just interested in listening to uninspiring tales of setbacks.

Success is the most popular and bestselling self-help genre. We have thousands of titles beginning…

He engraved the names of the departed ones on his surfboard for riding one last wave

Grief is a complex and intensely personal emotion. People grieve the loss of loved ones and heal themselves in their unique ways.

Many people seek refuge in Nature while grieving the loss of their dear ones.

The ocean's expansive presence of inexhaustible and formidable energy has been the source of…

Semantic tyranny is an invisible harm

A euphemism is a pleasant and acceptable alternative to an offensive or unpleasant expression, like saying "passed away" instead of "died".

A substitute can never fully describe the original. Over time, euphemisms morph into Frankenstein's monsters that feed on the people whose sensibilities they sought to protect.

Euphemisms become dysphemisms…

The boy had not spoken for two years

Kindness is not a uniquely human attribute.

Animals, too, exhibit kindness, though in a discreet manner. Dogs, especially, have an intrinsic and infinite capacity to love those who take care of them. Pet dogs, through their unconditional love, flatten the barriers of communication.

Please read this incredible story of how…

We are what our memories tell us who we are. Our self-perception is tied closely to our memories, both good and bad.

Memories from childhood play a disproportionately large role in influencing who we become later in life. A happy and secure childhood stores positive memories and helps us grow into confident adults.

An unhappy childhood leaves traces of trauma in the memory bank, making us grow into insecure and fearful adults.

Whether short-term or long-term, memory helps us store our knowledge and impressions about life experiences, which help us achieve goals.

We can turn our memory into a blessing by engaging in purposeful activities, so bad memories will not overwhelm us.

To make memory our ally, we need to fill it with impactful knowledge through deep and consistent learning.

Mukundarajan V N

Retired banker living in India. Avid reader. Writing is a tonic that enhances my well-being. Believe in ethical living and sustainable development.

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