The world’s acceptance of English as a global link language should be cause for celebration

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I am a non-native English writer living in India. I wrote this story more out of anguish than because I felt any deep resentment towards anybody. This is…

Our gut feelings may be more rational than we think

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Read the ‘CV of Failures’ written by successful people and dig deeper into their stories

Accomplishment is only the tip of the iceberg (image

Success is visible, and people flaunt their successes with gusto. Nobody wants to talk about their failures. It’s not because they lack humility; people are not just interested in listening to uninspiring tales of setbacks.

Success is the most popular and bestselling self-help genre. We have thousands of titles beginning…

Automation should complement the human agency and not replace it


It’s a fight to reclaim lost freedoms and dignity

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History has provided more visibility to violent revolutions than silent revolutions because violent disruptions force themselves on our attention. Peaceful resolutions evolve gradually and are mostly invisible from the public gaze.

Silent revolutions can be as transformative as violent revolutions with the added comfort that they don’t spill blood.


Social norms are culture-specific

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There is no such thing as a perfect culture. Every culture has its idiosyncracies and imperfections.

Being punctual in a culture that doesn’t care about the value of time can be socially oppressive and discomforting.

In India, we don’t…

He won their trust, and they obeyed him

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South Africa is home to thousands of wild elephants. Many of these elephants live in private reserves owned by individuals. They were safe from the hunters if they confined themselves to their habitat inside the reserves. …

Mukundarajan V N

Retired banker living in India. Avid reader. Writing is a tonic that enhances my well-being. Believe in ethical living and sustainable development.

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