The world’s acceptance of English as a global link language should be cause for celebration

“Never make fun of someone who speaks broken English. It means they know another language.” ( H. Jackson Brown, Jr, American author)

I am a non-native English writer living in India. I wrote this story more out of anguish than because I felt any deep resentment towards anybody. This is…

Read the ‘CV of Failures’ written by successful people and dig deeper into their stories

Success is visible, and people flaunt their successes with gusto. Nobody wants to talk about their failures. It’s not because they lack humility; people are not just interested in listening to uninspiring tales of setbacks.

Success is the most popular and bestselling self-help genre. We have thousands of titles beginning…

Her left brain shut down, and she experienced the right brain's deep inner peace

Spiritual enlightenment is a distant dream for the majority of people. Most of us do not seek spiritual awareness either because we are indifferent or skeptical.

Jill Bolte Taylor was trained as a neuroanatomist and was engaged in brain research. She was an advocate for brain tissue donation.

Jill had…

Mukundarajan V N

Retired banker living in India. Avid reader. Writing is a tonic that enhances my well-being. Believe in ethical living and sustainable development.

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