Read the ‘CV of Failures’ written by successful people and dig deeper into their stories

Accomplishment is only the tip of the iceberg (image

Success is visible, and people flaunt their successes with gusto. Nobody wants to talk about their failures. It’s not because they lack humility; people are not just interested in listening to uninspiring tales of setbacks.

Success is the most popular and bestselling self-help genre. We have thousands of titles beginning “How to Succeed………”, but very few books screaming with headlines like, “How to Fail and Then Succeed” or “Six Lessons I Learned from My Failures”.

In 2016, Johannes Haushofer, Assistant Professor of Psychology, Princeton University, (now Assistant Professor of Economics, Stockholm University) took the academic world by storm by publishing…

Automation should complement the human agency and not replace it


This post is not about the intricacies of the Autonomous Vehicle (AV) technology because I am a generalist with little technical knowledge. I only look at the philosophy of the AV technology, the folly of some of its underlying assumptions, and its impact on society and human autonomy.


Counterfactual thinking helps embrace acceptance

Photo by Florian Schmetz on Unsplash

The human mind’s quirks challenge conventional wisdom about performances and responses. Sometimes we think in absolute terms. On other occasions, we think in relative terms.

For example, the higher the performance, the happier the response is received wisdom. Like for example, an Olympic silver medallist should be happier than a bronze medallist. This does not always happen. Human psychology defies straitjackets.

Our happiness or sadness about our performance depends on who we compare ourselves with. …

Psychologist Steven Pinker versus astronomer Martin Rees

The mother of all bets is awaiting the jury’s verdict.

The featured bet in says:

Martin Rees, Royal Astronomer UK, is the predictor and Steven Pinker, the Psychologist, Harvard University, is the challenger.

The wager is modest- $400. The intangible stakes are, however, enormous. It’s not merely about the opposing views of two academicians.

The bet has wider ramifications. Its ripple effect will impact the reputations of the Communist Party of China, its…

Parental love and kindness defied racial prejudice

Photo by Kindel Media from Pexels

Humanity is divided across the faultlines of race, religion and politics. Among these three identities, the race is the most divisive. Racial prejudice panders to our basest instincts.

People stand out if they defy the stereotypes associated with race. These exceptional people set an example of humanitarianism that transcends racial barriers.

This is the story of a black couple who delivered a massive blow against racial stereotyping and profiling.

Infertility to foster care

Tierra and Patrick Hamm were married in 2006. Tierra wanted to raise a big family. However, she was disappointed when she had a series of failed pregnancy tests. …

The Communist Party of China’s fear of the spiritual sect Falun Gong betrays its insecurity

Photo by Julian Myles on Unsplash

The Communist Party of China ( CPC) was founded in 1921. Recently, it celebrated the centenary of its founding with pomp, ostentation and endless proclamations of self-glory.

The CPC has a monopoly over political power. Xi Jinping, the Chinese President, is the unchallenged ruler. He is the party’s visible face.

Xi Jinping doesn’t care that the world no longer trusts China ever since it exported the Wuhan virus to an unsuspecting world. Under his leadership, China is dreaming of world dominance.

July 2021 also marks another anniversary in China’s modern history. …

Goats munch on flammable vegetation and create buffer zones

Photo by Mingheras Cosmin on Unsplash

In 2019, goats saved the Ronald Regan Presidential Library in California from being burned down in the season’s wildfire. A few months before, goats had devoured the flammable undergrowth around the library. The safe zone created by the goats stopped the fire in its track.

Goats are the latest weapon in the firefighting armory of California that sees devastating wildfires every summer. The 2020 season was among the worst with about 10,000 wildfires destroying over 4 million acres.

The outlook for 2021 is grim, especially for California’s South Bay and Santa Cruz Mountains. According to San Jose State University Fire…

Blessings happen when kindness conspires with forgiveness

Photo by Eric Ward on Unsplash

Pets not only offer companionship, but they also help us manage stress and anxiety. A pet’s unconditional love acts as a balm on a troubled human mind.

Nothing can be more nightmarish for a pet owner than losing their beloved animal or bird owing to theft or death. When the pet goes missing, the shock of separation is unbearable.

Brayden Morton lives in the small town of Cranbrook in British Columbia. He owns two pet dogs, and

There are days in our lives, which each one of us will never forget. We experience a setback causing us to…

There is nothing more sacred than the gift of life

Photo by Isaac Quesada on Unsplash

Every pregnant woman hopes to give birth to a healthy child. She has great hopes and dreams for her unborn child. She looks forward to her child leading a normal life with all its exciting challenges and blessings.

Prenatal care and diagnostics play a critical part in shepherding the pregnancy and monitoring the unborn child’s health.

Sarah Ojar, a Londoner, was excited when she learned she was pregnant a second time. It was the summer of 2016. Her elder child was a beautiful and healthy girl.

At twelve weeks of the pregnancy, Sarah and her husband went for a scan…

Two friends donate a kidney each and save their husbands’ lives

Photo by Mei-Ling Mirow on Unsplash

A miracle is extraordinary not because it made the impossible possible. A miracle surprises us and fills us with awe and delight because it occurred in the most unexpected manner.

Serendipity or a happy accident has enormous power to produce miracles and to transform lives. Paradoxically, one has to prepare the ground to trigger this lucky accident. Miracles happen when circumstances align in a fortuitous combination as people reach out to one another seeking solutions and remedies to identical problems.

Paired organ donation is a very rare occurrence. It’s not often that two people donate organs to each other’s family…

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